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Top 12 Instagrammable Locations in Spokane

by Soleil Rain
Aerial view of Spokane, Washington. Stock photo by Austen Frostad via Unsplash.

Aerial view of Spokane, Washington. Stock photo by Austen Frostad on Unsplash.

Welcome to the Lilac City – Spokane, Washington. This unique and vibrant city holds some of Washington’s most attractive and Instagrammable locations. Whether it’s a walk through South Hill’s Manito Park for beautiful floral landscapes or Downtown’s Historic Davenport Hotel for grand architecture, right around every corner could be your next “gram-worthy” post in Spokane.

While Washington is known for its beautiful views on the west side of the state, Spokane brings lively energy that is unforgettable. You won’t need to worry about traffic or rain in the middle of August like you would on the west side. So next time you find yourself in the PNW, check out these 12 beautiful Instagrammable locations in Spokane to liven up your feed.

Manito Park

Your first stop has to be Manito Park on the South Hill, a 10-minute drive from downtown Spokane. This park is filled with picturesque floral gardens and green open spaces for the best photos. During the summer and spring, you will find people playing volleyball, taking photos, and even birdwatching. During the winter you can take a stroll through a conservatory filled with exotic plants that you can take pictures of all year round!

After you take your best photos to add to your feed, be sure to take a seat on one of the benches for a view of the garden from above. Manito Park was established in 1903, and since then, the park has been providing the residents of Spokane with a gorgeous getaway within the city limits.

Historic Davenport Hotel

Speaking of historic locations, the Historic Davenport Hotel is so grand your Instagram followers won’t believe you’re in Spokane, Washington. The ornate lobby and ballrooms will sparkle in your photos.

In the mood for a food photo to liven up your feed? The Historic Davenport hotel provides some of the best restaurants and lounges in the city. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the food is “Instagrammable” from any angle. The Historic Davenport also provides a legendary brunch on Sundays with a chocolate fountain for a unique and luxurious photo. Also, don’t forget to check out the Peacock Room Lounge.

Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls in Spokane, Washington. Stock photo by Clayton via Unsplash.

Spokane Falls in Spokane, Washington. Stock photo by Clayton on Unsplash

It’s hard to miss Spokane Falls considering it is the largest urban waterfall in the entire United States! As you approach the falls, you can feel the rumbling under your feet before you even see it. Several suspension bridges span above the falls so you can get the perfect view.

Spokane Falls might just be the centerpiece of this gorgeous city, and, at the right time of the day, the sun filters through the mist of the falls – it’s like it wants you to take a photo of it. Want a bird’s eye view? Take a 20-minute flyover on the Skyride Gondola. The cabin windows even open so you can capture the perfect shot during your 200-foot descent over the falls.

Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park

Bowl and Pitcher is further outside of the downtown limits, but it’s definitely worth the drive for this Instagrammable spot. Make sure to pack some comfortable shoes for hiking the many trails that reside in Riverside State Park. For an easy but beautiful hike, Bowl and Pitcher is the perfect place to start.

First, you cross a swinging bridge that gives you incredible views of the river that flows between huge basalt rocks. This is the perfect place to take a photo for your feed as the green trees and huge rocks will ensure the perfect #outdoorsy caption.

Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japenese Garden

Find your peace at the Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden. Built in 1974, the garden highlights the friendship between Spokane and its sister city Nishinomiya, Japan. From any angle in the garden, you can capture a beautiful photo on your Instagram feed.

This place is so Instagrammable that often you will find wedding parties taking their photos amongst the colorful trees. However, this garden is only open between April and October, so make sure to visit during these months if you want your tranquil photo.

Riverfront Park – The Pavilion

Spokane Pavillion in Spokane, Washington. Stock Photo by Timothy Eberly via Unsplash.

Spokane Pavillion in Spokane, Washington. Stock photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

When you arrive in Spokane and you ask yourself, “What is that large tilted tent in the middle of downtown?” you are not alone. This is the pavilion that sits in the middle of downtown’s Riverfront Park. The Pavilion holds several events, including movie nights, concerts, and even outdoor yoga! Year-round, the Pavilion has a light show on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night for the public enjoyment.

Stroll underneath the large pavilion along a raised catwalk that ends in a viewing platform nearly 40 feet up the Pavilion mass! This is an Instagrammable spot you don’t want to miss.

The pavilion is not the only thing you will see in Riverfront Park that is picture worthy. Take a stroll amongst the river to find the clock tower, a big red wagon, a sculpture walk, and a rotary fountain to finish off your IG story.

Green Bluff

If your trip to Spokane is in the Fall, you must visit Green Bluff with its famous pumpkin donuts and apple-picking. We locals can’t scroll through our Instagram feed during the fall without seeing every other post at Green Bluff. We are not joking!

Green Bluff is a family-owned farm just 15-minutes north of Spokane that is perfect for a #FallPhoto for your Instagram feed. Break out your best turtleneck and bring your friends or family along for wagons and pumpkin galore.

Gonzaga University

All year round you can stop by Gonzaga University to tour their beautiful 150-acre campus. It sits right on the Centennial Rrail and is a short walk from Riverfront Park. Get a picture on the steps of St. Aloysius or in front of McCarthey Athletic Center where the famous Gonzaga Basketball team plays. You can even take a picture with Spike the Bulldog, who sits right outside of the 6,000-seat indoor arena.

Gonzaga is a beautiful place for a walk, especially during the springtime when tulips are planted and the sun shines. If you take a great picture while you are on this campus, make sure to take a picture and caption it with a #GoZags!

Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox

The Fox Theater debuted its first movie in 1931 to a packed house. This incredible venue for the performing arts is an art-deco treasure listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Spokane Register, and the Washington Heritage Register. The art-deco ceiling and incredible lighting fixtures are perfect for a photo to encapsulate your time in Spokane.

If you’re interested in seeing a performance at the theatre, be sure to check out the Spokane Symphony. The 70-piece professional orchestra fills the theatre several times a year for an unbelievable performance with some of the world’s most respected soloists.

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture sits in Browne’s Addition, the oldest neighborhood in Spokane. Nestled between grand homes built in the late 1800s and a stunning view of downtown, the museum features underground galleries and rotating exhibits.

Learn a little more about the history of Spokane and the native tribes who inhabit the area with over one million artifacts. So whether you are outside enjoying a coffee at their Cafe MAC or inside enjoying the art, be sure to capture a picture to create your own bit of history in the city.

Kendall Yards

Kendall Yards plays host to some of the best restaurants, coffee, and ice cream (locals love to go to The Scoop) with a gorgeous view of the Spokane River and downtown. Set up with some of your food and some ice cream to enjoy the sunset over the Lilac City.

When it’s wine-o’clock, sit down at Maryhill Winery Spokane Tasting Room and enjoy the view from their deck. As the sun sets, downtown comes to life and the views of the lights from Kendall Yards are absolutely unbeatable.

Not to mention, during the summer you can attend the Night Market that happens every Wednesday from 5 – 8 pm with locally grown food, dinner, entertainment, and locally-made products.

Downtown Spokane

You can feel Spokane’s vibrant energy when you are walking downtown. It may not be as big as Seattle’s downtown, but Spokane has incredible things to offer and some of the best places for an Instagrammable photo in Washington.

Thirsty for beer? Spokane does beer great! Head to one of the hidden breweries tucked between rustic buildings, such as Whistle Punk Brewing or Iron Goat Brewing. The brick buildings are a great way to highlight Spokane’s history while also adding that rustic touch to your Instagram feed.