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Gungywamp is an archaeological site in Groton, Connecticut, United States, consisting of artifacts dating from 2000-770 BC, a stone circle, and the remains of both Native American and colonial structures. Among multiple structural remains, of note is a stone chamber featuring an astronomical alignment during the equinoxes. Besides containing beehive chambers and petroglyphs, the Gungywamp site has a double circle of stones near its center, just north of two stone chambers. Two concentric circles of large quarried stones – 21 large slabs laid end to end – are at the center of the site.

The origin and meaning of the name is uncertain. According to The Hartford Courant, researchers have “associated the name, ‘Gungywamp’ with ancient Gaelic, Mohegan, Pequot, and Algonquin” and could mean anything from “church of the people”, “place of ledges”, “swampy place”; or “all powerful” and “white,” respectively. In 2018 the deed to 270 acres of the original 400-acre parcel was transferred to the State of Connecticut by the YMCA. Discussions were in progress on how to allow legal access to the property while preserving the archaeological sites.

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